As an occasional actor (you may have seen me in the Canberra Capital Chemist Advertisment - please form an orderly queue for autographs people), I know how important it is to have a variety of engaging, truthful and professional head shots that demonstrate both your personality and range. I also know how nerve racking the shoot itself can be - that is why my head shot sessions focus on creating a casual, low-pressure environment.

The shoot itself is a mixture of general chatter and purposeful shooting during which we’ll discuss your objectives for the shoot and your career. If you'd like to know more about locations, wardrobe and pricing - please scroll down.


The standard headshot package is $320 and includes:

- a one hour photographic session

  - wardrobe consultation on the day of the session 

    - three fully-edited, high-resolution images (selected by you from approximately 50 proofs) provided                        electronically in black and white and colour. 


My home base is on the southside of Canberra in Tuggeranong, but as my kit is fully portable I can come to you. As I use natural light, shooting indoors and outdoors, parts of the sessions are subject to weather conditions and all locations other than 'home base' would require prior scouting to determine suitability. 


Prior to the shoot you should take time to consider the clothing you’ll bring with you. We will want to shoot a number of ‘looks’, so variety is key.  At a minimum, it is suggested that you bring a few plain tees/v necks, a dress shirt and a suit jacket. Check out other actors headshot to determine what works, and what aspects can just be distracting. Try to avoid very light colours, patterns and logos. All bright colours (and alternatively, greys and blacks) are striking. Think also about whether your selected colours will enhance your eye and hair colouring. Don’t waste time thinking about trousers or skirts, as we will shoot from the waist up. All clothing should be ironed in advance if needed. You should also consider the ‘characterisation’ that lends itself to certain outfits. For example, you may want to bring a leather jacket for a rough character, a collared shirt for a corporate look or a sleeveless top for a vixen. 

Hair and Makeup: 

Makeup is a must - if you are not comfortable doing your own I can recommend some fantastic professional makeup artists. Costs can vary but my contacts charge around $70 per face. Hair should be styled prior to the shoot, and if you are of the female persuasion, you should bring along hair accessories to allow for a variety of shots. 


I want to encourage as many referrals as possible and can offer discounts where you secure multiple bookings for the same day after each other. I can offer this discount as you've done all the hard work and I can reduce the session fee component of the package (essentially you are sharing the fee). 

Choosing your shots: 

Selecting a small number of shots can be difficult. I'll provide you with my recommendations, and include reasons why I'd choose one shot over another. Try to keep in mind that an effective head shot isn't always the shot that you’d choose to hang over your fireplace or send with a Christmas card. Head shots are designed to get a casting director or agents attention and you shouldn’t play it safe. Remember, the magic happens outside of your comfort zone. 

To get in touch with me you can email or call 0413 040 337.